Cisco CCNA IOS Hotkeys and Shortcuts

IOSHotkeysandShortcuts thumb Cisco CCNA IOS Hotkeys and Shortcuts Tab: Completes the remainder of the command or keyword

Ctrl+P (or up arrow): Displays the last command entered

Ctrl+N (or down arrow): Displays previous commands entered

Ctrl+A: Moves the cursor to the beginning of the current line

Ctrl+E: Moves the cursor to the end of the current line

Ctrl+F: Moves forward one character

Ctrl+B: Moves backwards one character

Esc+F: Moves forward one word

Esc+B: Moves backwards one word

Ctrl+R: Redisplays a line (starts a new line, with the same command shown)

Ctrl+U: Erases a line

Ctrl+W: Erases a word

Ctrl+Z: Exits configuration mode and returning you to privileged EXEC mode

Ctrl+Shift+6: Allow the user to interrupt an IOS process such as ping or traceroute

Ctrl+C: Aborts the current command and exits the configuration mod

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