GNS3 0.7.2 Free

GNS30.7.2Free thumb GNS3 0.7.2 Free GNS3 0.7.2 is released. Here is a list of the changes in this version:

  • Lot of small fixes (relative paths, link removal, .net loading, Ethernet switch connection to a Cloud etc.)
  • Qemuwrapper: random MAC address for devices
  • NPE-G2 option for c7200 routers (need a specific and uncompressed IOS image and C7200-IO-2FE, C7200-IO-GE-E, PA-2FE-TX and PA-GE are unlikely to work)
  • Simulated switches: daisy chaining support
  • Improved directory selection for new projects
  • New translations: Bulgarian, Italian and Ukrainian
  • Frame Relay capture option for all serial links
  • Dialog to display an Ethernet switch MAC address table

The following features will work only with a Dynamips version > 0.2.8 RC2 which has not been released yet:

  • OIR (Online Insertion and Removal) for c3660 and c3745 (only NM-4T).
  • JIT sharing support (saves memory).
  • C7200-JC-PA Jacket Card support. Allow the use of a slot 7 for c7200 routers with NPE-G2.
  • QinQ support for simulated Ethernet switches.
  • Interfaces statistics (Packets in, Packets out, Bytes in, Bytes out). Displayed in node tooltips.

Also, we provide a small Qemu image of Microcore Linux 2.10, ready to be used in GNS3 and which includes ssh, iptables, iproute, tcpdump and IPv6 support. A small integrated simple host that supports pings is planified for the next release as well as some surprises icon wink GNS3 0.7.2 Free
Not every translations have been updated so far but we will release a separate package containing the translation when there are up-to-date.
Thanks to all our translators, beta-testers, moderators and users which make GNS3 beter after each version.

You can download it from here.

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